Get your child reading daily and with pleasure

Limit games and encourage self-learning. Schedule time for reading and playing. Motivate to read with bonus playtime.

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A smart adviser. Not just another parental control app.

Children spend all day long playing on the phone? And there's no way to make them study? Or read even a single page?

Your children will develop a good habit of reading because it becomes a part of their favorite games. Help your children to study effectively. Build their motivation based on interest. It's so easy, and it works!

Let Nicola Help!

Motivate and encourage

Achieve reading goals and reward for diligence. Kids will love earning bonus playtime. And reading gets truly productive.

Motivate and encourage
Balance studies and play

Balance studies & play

Set game limits easily. Schedule “read to play” intervals to best suit your child. Build a healthy learn & play regime.

Advise content based on interest image

Advise Content Based on Interest

Find materials on topics that interest your child and suggest it to him in a friendly way. Let your child discover something new and useful every day.

Our Team

Mikhail Boiko

“We want kids to enjoy reading and self-learning. That’s what Nicola is all about”.

Oleg Orel

“The AI technology behind Nicola will understand your kids, help them develop and grow with them”.

Ksenia Koltun
UX Director

“Nicola is a friend. It doesn’t force but engages and motivates. And kids love it!”.

Dzianis Pirshtuk
Head of Data Science

“It’s important for us to make kids happy. Nicola will track emotions and the more data it’ll get, the more accurately it’ll work”

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