Encourage your child to read more

Set reading goal for your kid. Limit apps & games. Kids can play games after the reading goal is achieved.


Motivation that works

Make reading a part of something that your child adores most – games! “Read and then play”, “Have fun after studies”.

Smart and simple rules and they actually work. Your child will associate reading with natural desire to play. And enjoy it!

Build a healthy learn & play regime

Schedule well-balanced “read to play” intervals. Or use parental control to limit the play time e.g. “play for 1h from 2pm to 8 pm”. Balance studies & play

Encourage reading
Balance studies and play

Prevent unhealthy addiction to games

Without parental control, kids can spend all day long shooting or racing. Want them to stop wasting their time, health, and potential? Set healthy limits with Nicola. Limit screen time to encourage studies, not just because it needs to be limited.

Advise content based on interest image

Advise Content Based on Interest

Find materials on topics that interest your child and suggest it to him in a friendly way. Let your child discover something new and useful every day.

Our Team

Mikhail Boiko

“We want kids to enjoy reading and self-learning. That’s what Nicola is all about”.

Oleg Orel

“The AI technology behind Nicola will understand your kids, help them develop and grow with them”.

Ksenia Koltun
UX Director

“Nicola is a friend. It doesn’t force but engages and motivates. And kids love it!”.

Dzianis Pirshtuk
Head of Data Science

“It’s important for us to make kids happy. Nicola will track emotions and the more data it’ll get, the more accurately it’ll work”.


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