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The only software that tracks kids reading time accurately & unblock play time then!

  • Limit games and encourage self-learning
  • Schedule time for reading and playing
  • Motivate to read with bonus playtime

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So that Nicola app works correctly and your kid cannot uninstall the app, we asked you to grant Device Admin permission. To uninstall Nicola app now you need to turn-off this permission first.

  1. Open Nicola app and turn OFF.
  2. Go to Device Settings
  3. Open Privacy (can be hidden under Additional settings)
  4. Open Device Administrator
  5. Choose Nicola and turn off the switcher
  6. Go back to Home, tap and hold Nicola icon and drag’n’drop to trash icon to unistall

There are a number of factors that influence the reading detection quality in the Nicola app:

  • clear face visibility
    • neither face (glasses should not be a problem though) nor camera should not be obscured
    • person should sit in front of the camera with the average distance from 20 to 100 cm
    • in case of face is lost you’ll get the hint from Nicola
  • stable head pose
    • when people read they’re normally calm and not moving much
  • lighting conditions
    • too dark environments or the one overexposed will impact the face and reading detection; it’s simple to check - you can make a photo of yourself using your device and check that your face and eyes are clearly visible
  • content
    • the more content is close to the plain text the better is reading recognition - thus reading books is better recognized than reading websites with a lot of embedded pictures or other media content
  • reading medium
    • it will be better recognized when a person is reading from the screen, although recognition will also work if you read a paper book on camera. The latter case performance may not be the best due to movements related to book handling and page turning
    • The bigger the reading text area (e.g. screen or window size) the better for the reading detection
    • currently only left to right reading detection is supported
  • device load
    • heavy load on device (e.g. other applications loading the CPU) may impact the reading quality detection

To achieve the bonus time award person should read in a long continuous time intervals and not be distracted frequently. Continuous face visibility loss is considered a distraction.

Nicola app on mobile devices support both portrait and landscape orientations, however it’s recommended to use the one that

  • is convenient for device handling (thus to avoid excessive movements)
  • maximizes the text width (e.g. landscape), too short lines (like text columns) makes people read from top to bottom leading to poor reading detection quality

Try to find a comfortable pose which will allow you to keep your face visible to the device.

By default Nicola application takes a set of countermeasures from being deleted from the child device without parent authorization.

So parent always can remove it using a parental PIN, but not the child.

Here are additional advices to harden antiremoval defense.

  • Use separate non administrative account for child to limit access to operation system features.
  • Always lock Nicola parent mode using a lock icon in the top right corner of Nicola application.
  • Secure Android Safe mode by using phone encryption or secure startup (available on Samsung devices). !This is not reversible so use it only when absolutely necessary.

Minimal system requirements: Keyboard. mouse, webcam, 2GB RAM, Intel Core i5

Minimal system requirements: Android 5.0 and above, CPU architecture: ARM64-v8a

  1. Uninstall from Programs and Components as other programs
  2. When prompted during uninstall enter parental PIN code
  1. Do not enter any PIN and press Enter
  2. OR click Uninstall button without entering a PIN

Youtube tutorial:

  • MyPhone Hammer Axe
  • Sony Xperia S LT26i
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T561
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 2017
  • Samsung Galaxy s8
  • OnePlus One A0001
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